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CVILLE SABROSO 2015 ~ Charlottesville Latin American Festival.MUSIC ~ DANCE ~ FOOD

September 19th ~ 11am to 9pm @ IX Art Park ~FREE and Open to the Public (After Party 9pm ~ 1am to Benefit Sin Barreras/Without Barriers Non-Profit Work). Scroll for show lineup.

In Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, there will be live folkloric, traditional and fusion music, dance, visual and performance arts on the lawn of the IX Art Park @ 955 2nd Street SE Charlottesville Va.  Sponsored by The Heymann Foundation of New Orleans, PVCC, BB&T, El Tio, Nuevas Raices, WWWV, Commonwealth Insurance, The University of Virginia Offices of Diversity and Equity, Blue Ridge Music Together, Alakazam Toys, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!  This festival is an annual event that is produced and promoted in collaboration with Sin Barreras/ Without Barriers of Charlottesville. 2015 date has been set for Saturday September 19th, time 11 to 9pm, location the IX Art Park.  This Year our partnering organizations are: IX Art Park, WTJU, Bridge PAI for the Levitte AMP Music Series.

Show Line up 2015:

MC’s ~ Victor Cruz and Xavier Vidal

Actividades para niños:

Clown show Flakuchyn, face painting, arte, demostración de capoeira, y mucho más

Horario de presentaciones: 

11am ~  Fanny de Sin Barreras y Estela Knott de Luminaria Cville

11:10 ~ Representante de Charlottesville, Bob Fenwick

11:15 ~ Representante del Consulado Mexicano

11:20 ~ Gracias a los patrocinadores 

11:25 ~ Grupo de Bachata 503 

12:25 ~ MC

12:40 ~ Baile del Salvador ~ Abigail Rosa

1:00~ Tinkuy ~ música Andina y bailes del Centro Cultural Perú

1:50 ~ Canciones por America Anguiano García

2:00 ~  MC

2:05 ~  Danza Folklorica del Divino Salvador del mundo ~ El Salvador

2:20 ~ Gabriela y Alegria (de Colombia) ~ bailes

2:35 ~ Danza de Honduras ~ Cuadro de Danzas Folkloricas Maya ~ bailes

2:45 ~ MC

2:50 ~ Danza de Bolivia

3:05 ~ MC

3:10 ~ Ayazamana Bailes de Ecuador

3:40 ~ Jaylene Duarte Ceron ~ México ~ canciones y bailes

3:55 ~ Banda DTC Veneno

5:00 ~ Danzas de Bolivia

5:15 ~ Lua

6:00 ~ Chinelos Danza de Morelos, Mexico

6:15 ~ MC

6:30 ~ Agave ~ Banda Norteño

7:25 ~ Xavier Vidal ~ Bachata

7:35 ~ Edwin Roa ~ Bailes Latinos 

8:00 ~ Conjunto Sason 

9pm ~ Cierre del festival y Gracias

DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE AFTER PARTY FROM 9PM TO 1PM AT IX.  Proceeds benefit Sin Barreras Cville ~ Our partnering Organization that not only is at the center of making this festival possible, but also bridges 100's of latino families through out the year with much needed resources and services.  They have been doing this for many years with no budget, their loyalty and dedication to our local immigrant families is deeply heart felt.  I admire and am humbled by their love, persistence and dedication. 


Dia de los Muertos

October 31st ~November 2nd ~ Our community celebration for 2015 will be October 31st starting at 6:30pm on McGuffey Art Centers front lawn, then into studio 11 for an intimate display of colorful music, dance, visual poetry and food.  Dia de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican celebration set aside to honor our anscestors, the community  is invited to participate in a procession and celebration starting on the McGuffey Lawn, were each person will be provided with a bag and candle to create luminaries. We print the names of passed loved ones and a message, and celebrate their lives together.  All are welcome to join us for some music, dance, art and food. 2015 ~October 31st through November 2nd, public celebration will be held on Sunday the 1st, from 3 to 5pm.


World Holiday Sing Along

For people of all ages, from every tradition.  We collect ahead of time songs for the winter holidays and will send out a link with songs and lyrics for families to practice.  2015 date December 19th from 10am to 12pm. We will come together for a cross cultural community sing along in studio 11 or larger location TBA in the McGuffey Art center. 


The foundation that started this cultural movement.

In the fall of 2011 Luminaria began working with the ARC of the Piedmonts infant development program in the South Wood Community.  Estela provided fun music and movement classes to spanish speaking immigrant families with children 0-5 and their adults.  We enjoyed each other so much, we decide to invite families to McGuffey Art Center for the following year.  During this time we explored stories, songs, art and food associated with our roots traditions. At the end 2012, Estela had collected over 30 traditional and original tunes in spanish to share with families. Various other events have blossomed, inspired by this group.  Of these are our annual Dia De Los Muerots event and our yearly Latin Music and Folkloric Dance festival.  We are currently hoping as busy parents to find the time to get together and work on a Holiday collection of songs, recipes and arts and crafts ideas associated with very significant Latin American Holidays such as; Dia De Los Muertos, Navidad and Carnival.  If you are interested in volunteering to help make this possible let me know!